Tencent Cloud, Webby Group, and Beamstart come together
to redefine the future of cloud and technology in Asia.
We're not just showcasing the latest Tencent Cloud Technology Solution & Tencent Cloud partner Webby Group how to accelerate tech innovation with existing & upcoming projects; we're building an ecosystem where third parties thrive.

By integrating with Beamstart, we're creating an ecosystem that transcends the confines of this event.

Through collaborative efforts, third-party developers, startups, and enterprises can harness the power of Tencent Cloud's advanced solutions, catalyzing their own projects and initiatives while attendees have the opportunity to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas, fostering connections that extend far beyond the event itself.

Join us for an immersive experience where cutting-edge solutions meet boundless possibilities.

Speaker Line-Up


Founder of RK Digital

Chaang Yunhua

Senior Partner Business
Development Manager

Kenneth Ho

Managing Director of Beamstart

Claire He

AI Senior Solution Architect of Tencent

George Tan

CEO of Webby Group

Jay Te

Business development Director of Webby Group

Program Overview

Who Should Join?

Technology Providers
Startup and Innovators
Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Investors and Venture Capitalists
Technology Enthusiasts
Market Analysts

Mark your calendar for August 14th!
We look forward to seeing you there

About This Event

This event will showcase the latest advancements in Cloud Al, offering a platform to network with industry leaders and explore collaboration opportunities that will shape the future of business.

Join us for a groundbreaking event where technology meets innovation!

Main Organiser: Webby Group & Tencent Cloud